The Handeholder | The Ideal Holder for Tablets and E-Readers

The HandeholderTM

The easy to use, modern, and streamlined tablet hand strap.

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The Handeholder has been completely redesigned to improve overall fit and long-term comfort regardless of user's hand size.

360 Degree Rotation

360° Rotation

The Handeholder retains its ability to fully rotate and allow the user portrait and landscape mold holding.



Using our strong industrial-grade attachment rings allows for over 200 lbs. of holding strength.

We’ve taken all the best features of the original Handeholder, modernized the look, simplified its construction, and generally improved on an already spectacular product. Whether you choose to place a hand securely within the strap, or to simply hold onto the Handeholder as a gripped tablet handle, the end effect is the same – reliable and comfortable tablet holding.

The Handeholder still connects to a tablet using the same industrial-grade Dual Lock™ rings used in the previous model. In addition, it has a more ergonomic design, and is now more comfortable for prolonged holding. The greater tablet hand strap coverage and streamlined shape also reduces strain on the hand by allowing the fingers to rest naturally and to more easily accommodate all hand sizes.

Please note: The Handeholder sells with a plain black neoprene strap. If interested in logo branding on the straps for volume orders, please contact us for more information.


  • Simple, reliable, adjustable, and comfortable to use
  • Works with virtually all tablets and e-readers currently on the market
  • 360-degree rotation allows for easy transfer from portrait to landscape tablet modes in seconds without removing a hand from the strap
  • The Industrial-grade Attachment Rings provide a holding strength of over 200 lbs.
  • Handeholder quickly separates from a tablet when desired, and reattaches with ease
  • Hand strap can be branded if desired (5 or more units required for branding)

Product Includes:

  • 1 Handeholder
  • 1 pre-attached set of industrial Attachment Rings
  • 1 alcohol wipe

Bundles Available: (choose at checkout)

Handeholder attached to iPad