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M010 Mozee Holster

MozeeTM M010 Holster

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Attach the M010 to a tablet, a belt, cell phone, wall, or other hard surface without needing to remove the unit from the holster.

360 Degree Rotation


Thin, flexible and sturdy holster material adds virtually no weight or bulk to the M010.



All features, ports, and keypad of the M010 are available while still in the holster.

This Mozee holster is shaped to exactly fit and securely hold the Miura Systems M010 mobile payment device. This holster is made from a sturdy and durable, but still slightly flexible material that is ideal for holding the compact M010. Designed with a built-in belt clip, the holster can easily be worn on the user’s person if desired.

To make the holster truly multi-use, each Mozee M010 Holster comes with a Universal Mozee Mount piece. The two pieces, when joined, allow the holster to quickly and easily move from a belt placement to connect to a tablet, phone, countertop, wall, or nearly any other hard surface. More information on the mounting piece is available by clicking its product link at the bottom of this page.

User customization is an important feature, and our modular approach to payment devices allows a client to pair the M010 device holster with practically any tablet or case combination without forcing them to use a specific tablet holder assembly. The holster's light weight material, versatile nature, sturdy construction, and simplicity of design makes this point-of-sale holder an absolute necessity for most effectively using the Miura M010.


  • Holster connects to an un-cased tablet, hard-shell case, or other hard surface with secure holding power
  • M010 unit is easily removable from the holster when necessary
  • POS device snugly held in place and wont accidentally come loose from holster
  • Use additional Mozee Mount pieces to unclip the M010 and holster from one place and quickly clip into another
  • All features of the POS device are available while installed, including access to card swipe, card chip insert slot, keypad, power port, etc.

Product Includes:

  • 1 Mobile holster for the M010 mobile payment device
  • 1 Universal Mozee Mount
  • 2 pieces of foam tape for use with the Universal Mozee Mount
  • 1 alcohol wipe

Bundles Available: (choose at checkout)

Handeholder attached to iPad