iCMP Mozee Sled | Universal POS Holding Solution
iCMP Mozee Sled

iCMP Mozee SledTM

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Take the Ingenico iCMP mobile point-of-sale device anywhere.

360 Degree Rotation


Sled rotates 360-degrees just like the Handeholder for optimum usability.



iCMP device's keypad is accessible without removing the unit from the sled.

This Mozee point-of-sale (POS) holding solution is designed for use with the Ingenico Group's iCMP mobile payment device. The configuration allows for Bluetooth® tablet integration with Ingenico's compact iCMP model. This Mozee solution includes a sled that connects to the back of an un-cased tablet or hard-shelled case. Along with the comfort and performance the Mozee is already known for, this solution offers a 360-degree feature for the sled that provides the same rotational convenience that makes our Handeholder tablet hand holder so user-friendly.

User customization is an important feature, and our modular approach to payment devices allows a client to pair the iCMP device sled with practically any tablet or case combination without forcing them to use a specific tablet holder assembly.


  • Mozee connects to both a un-cased tablet or hard-shell case
  • All features of the iCMP are available while installed, including the card swipe, card chip insert slot, charging port, etc.
  • The iCMP keypad is accessible at all times while still within the sled
  • POS device fits snugly in the sled but removes easily as needed. Add extra security retention with the included sled locking clip
  • iCMP sled is fixed in place using an industrial-strength connection ring that makes removing the sled simple if required. It also utilizes the Handeholder's signature 360-degree rotation feature to allow greater flexibility of use

Product Includes:

  • 1 Mobile tablet holder sled for the Ingenico Group's iCMP device
  • 2 Sled locking clips
  • 1 additional industrial strength attachment ring
  • 1 alcohol wipe

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