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Mozee Sled

Mozee SledTM

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Go-anywhere access to the POS device, with closer integration to the tablet or case.

360 Degree Rotation


Mozee sled adds virtually no weight to overall mobile usage.



iSMP removes quickly from the sled for access to the keypad and other features.

A slightly different spin on the standard Mozee mobile point-of-sale (POS) holding solution for use with the Ingenico Group's iSMP Companion, or similar size commercial payment device. Ideal for situations where the POS device needs to be more tucked away while working with a Bluetooth® tablet, this Mozee option provides a streamlined and tablet-centered solution with all the same benefits of the full Mozee unit.

User customization is an important feature, and our modular approach to payment devices allows a client to pair the iSMP Companion device sled with practically any tablet or case combination without forcing them to use a specific tablet holder assembly. This solution includes the Mozee sled to connect directly to an un-cased tablet or hard-shelled case, and provides full functionality while retaining unsurpassed efficiency and performance.


  • Mozee sled connects to both an un-cased tablet or hard-shell case with secure holding power
  • POS device snugly held in place and wont accidentally come loose from holder
  • All features of the iSMP device are available while installed, including access to card swipe, card chip insert slot, etc.
  • Branding options are available
  • Offers smaller overall footprint for added convenience when working with clients
  • POS device removes easily for access to keypad

Product Includes:

  • 1 Mobile tablet holder sled for Ingenico's iSMP Companion
  • 1 strip of industrial-strength foam tape
  • 1 alcohol wipe

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Handeholder attached to iPad