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The Mozee Line of mPOS Holders.

We've been making quality, innovative and customized holding solutions for tablets and mobile payment devices to serve businesses and consumers since 2010.

Handeholder Products started in the mobile payment holding business in 2014 with the release of our original Mozee and Mozee+ products designed to fit the Ingenico iSMP Companion and Verifone e255. These units hold the mPOS unit in a front mounted bay that connects to the back of most tablets and has our signature Handeholder hand strap mounted with it to make holding more comfortable and secure. These units continue to be used in both the hospitality and retail marketplaces.

Not long after this original success, we added a sled line for those same devices and introduced a version for the popular Ingenico iCMP. This was followed by versions for the Ingenico Link 2500, Miura M010, and the Verifone e285. More compact, and offering a smaller footprint, the sleds could be paired with or without the Handeholder, on tablets or phones, to allow the customer more convenience and flexibility in how they used their devices.

The success of the sled line made it obvious that versatility and modular integration were what would set us apart from a competition that focused on bulky and sometimes clumsy mounting solutions that were often counter-productive to the whole “mobile” side of mobile payments.

To further address this, we engineered a new line of mobile payment holsters in early 2017 to coincide with the release of several new mPOS devices. Currently there are holsters for the Ingenico iSMP4 and Verifone e355/e265. These holsters were designed with versatility and customized use cases first and foremost. Wearable with either a lanyard or taking advantage of the integrated belt clip, they could also be joined to virtually any tablet/computing device, cell phone, cash register, countertop, or other hard surface to allow easy pairing.

Our commitment to the mobile payment industry is strong, and we are eager to continue pushing the boundaries of the mobility solutions we offer. But beyond that, our biggest focus is providing to our customers products that work for them, the way they need them to work, without dictating how they do it, or what devices they use.

Interested in seeing more about our various Mozee lines, click here.

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