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Necessity is the mother of invention.

At Handeholder Products, Inc., we embrace this old adage that sums up the driving ideal of the company - to explore a problem and create the best possible solution.

The original HandeholderTM was developed in 2010 when its creator, Mike Burns, suddenly found himself in need of a secure and comfortable way to hold an Apple® iPadTM while using it at a running event. He quickly realized that bringing the simple, yet highly useful device to the mass market was something he had to do. Not long after, the Handeholder became a popular mobililty accessory for all makes and models of tablets and e-readers in both the consumer and business worlds.

It didn't take long to realize that the company could provide additional accessories that added functionality to the Handeholder, like stands and holsters. In June 2017, an updated version of the Handeholder was released, providing a more modernized and comfortable model for both consumers and businesses alike.

In addition, complementary items in the MozeeTM line join the secure tablet holding of the Handeholder with Point-of-Sale devices for businesses.

We take pride in our role of mobility solution-makers for our clients, and look to provide them with the very best modular tools to enhance their tablet- and mobile payment device-using experience. Whether we already have what's needed in our offerings, or there is a custom need, we provide exactly what's required for each individual situation that comes our way.