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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Handeholder will work on any tablet with a plastic or metal surface backing. It will also work with tablets using hard shell cases and "skin" type backings. To achieve proper adhesion of the Handeholder attachment ring, it is important that the back be relatively smooth and allows at least 90% of the adhesive side of the ring to lay flush with the tablet surface.
Yes. The Handeholder is the key component that incorporates with and allows you to use all of the Handeholder accessories. Although, some accessory items only work with the Legacy Handeholder models, and some only work with the Handeholder. This is specified in the description of each particular accessory.
The Handeholder attaches to a tablet by using the supplied Dual LockTM ring. Proper attachment steps are:
  1. Clean.

    Place your tablet, screen down, on a smooth, flat surface. Use the enclosed alcohol wipe to clean the back of your tablet. Let it dry completely.

  2. Attach.

    Determine where on the back of the tablet you want to secure the attachment ring. (Although we recommend the center of the tablet for optimum balance while holding, choose the area that is most comfortable for you.) Peel the paper backing off the supplied attachment ring. Using medium pressure, slowly press the ring (sticky-side down) onto the back of your tablet. Press down all the way around the ring to ensure the adhesive is fully secure.

  3. Rock it. Lock it.

    Visually line up the Handeholder with matching ring over the newly attached ring. Hold the Handeholder on the outside edges with your thumbs and fingers from both hands. Press down with moderate pressure and firmly rock the holder back and forth until it locks in place and you hear two "clicks." Check that the two rings have locked tightly and that the Handeholder is completely attached prior to use.

  4. Adjust.

    Open the Handeholder strap, and adjust it to fit your hand. You can now use your tablet securely and with full 360-degree rotation.

For an instructional video please visit the Handeholder main support page.

Yes. The adhesive attachment ring that is applied to the tablet device can be removed if desired by peeling it from the tablet. The adhesive provides a very strong bond to ensure safe use of the Handeholder with your valuable electronic device, so it will be necessary to start peeling at one edge and then slowly work to the center of the ring. Once more than half is removed, the process gets easier until it pulls free completely. We do recommend placing the tablet face-down on a sturdy flat surface while removing the ring to avoid putting stress on the tablet during the removal. Once the attachment ring is removed, if any adhesive residue remains on the tablet, it can be cleaned using a alcohol wipe or alcohol and a clean, soft cloth.

A replacement attachment ring will be needed to continue to use the Handeholder on your tablet or other device. You can purchase additional or replacement attachment rings through the Handeholder website.

Because the Handeholder is based around using attachment rings to connect to tablet devices, you don't need individual Handeholders to use it with multiple electronics. Simply attach an additional ring to whichever device you would like to use, and move the Handeholder to each new device as necessary. Extra rings are available to purchase on the Handeholder website.
The main difference between the two ring choices is their bond ability. The consumer rings are rated with a holding strength of 100 lbs.; this is more than adequate for most light-duty and home use applications. The industrial rings are rated with a holding strength of 200 lbs.; designed primarily for heavy-duty, business, construction, and/or manufacturing use. The consumer rings are clear and thinner while the industrial are black and thicker, so it is easy to quickly tell the difference as to which grade of Handeholder you own. Be sure to purchase matching styles if you require additional rings.
There are only two pieces of Velcro® (hook and loop) material used with the HandeholderTM. The first is sewn into the strap when it locks in place over the user's hand, and the other is a ring of material that holds the strap securely to the main body of the unit. The Handeholder attachment rings (both consumer and industrial grade) that connect the holder to a tablet are made from a revolutionary interlocking material produced by 3M that is different from Velcro. Dual LockTM provides a more complete and secure bond than traditional hook and loop material, and is what gives the Handeholder its unique attachment ability and super-strong bond to tablet devices.
The Handeholder is designed primarily for larger electronic devices like full-size or mini tablet computers, e-readers, etc. The Handeholder will connect to smartphones as long as they are large enough in size to accommodate at minimum 90% of the attachment ring flush on the phone's rear surface.
No. The Handeholder was designed in an attractive black material that allows it to be used just as well on light materials as it is on dark. At this time, there are no plans to provide the Handeholder in multiple colors.
Yes. We provide branding options for the straps, and normally provide the strap with the HandeholderTM logo printed on it. We will have straps branded for a minimum quantity order of five (5) Handeholders. Please reach out to us through the use of our Contact page and we would be happy to discuss this option.
The Handeholder Pen Clip was designed to be used with an un-cased tablet. An effective alternative is to use the HandeholderTM Stylus Holder that works directly as an attachment to the Handeholder.
The Handeholder Leg Strap does require a Legacy Handeholder for use. The leg strap does not ship with a Handeholder, so it is necessary to purchase a Legacy Handeholder at the same time if you don't already own one. The leg strap works equally well with both the consumer and the industrial Legacy Handeholder.
The Handeholder is the upgraded and revised version of our original signature product, and was released in 2017. It retains all the features of the first Handeholder, with a focus on a modernized look and feel, increased comfort, and added versatility. The Legacy Handeholder, both consumer and industrial-grades, were the original versions of the Handeholder that have been phased out as supply was used up.