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Frequently Asked Questions

The original Mozee, Mozee+, and iCMP Mozee sled connect to a tablet utilizing the same dual lock attachment rings used on the HandeholderTM, and therefore will connect on any tablet that can accept a Handeholder. As long as the back of the tablet is smooth, clean and non-rubberized, the attachment ring will stick without any complications and allow the Mozee to connect as designed.

The Mozee Sled connects with a durable foam tape strip to an uncased or hard shell cased tablet.

The Mozee Holsters connect to wearables with the use of the built-in belt clip, or lock into the Universal Mozee Mount piece that itself connects securely to a secondary surface with two strips of durable foam tape.

You do not need a separate Handeholder when using the Mozee or Mozee+. Those pieces have the Handeholder incorporated into them, and combined they provide the convenience of the holder with the freedom of the mobile point-of-sale device in an all-in-one solution. For the Mozee Sled and Mozee Holster lines, the Handeholder integrates as a separate piece to provide the convenient and comfortable tablet hand strap feature.
The original Mozee, Mozee+, and iCMP Mozee sled attach to a tablet using the same method as the HandeholderTM with the supplied Dual LockTM ring. Proper attachment steps for those pieces are:
  1. Clean.

    Place your tablet, screen down, on a smooth, flat surface. Use the enclosed alcohol wipe to clean the back of your tablet. Let it dry completely.

  2. Attach.

    Determine where on the back of the tablet you want to secure the attachment ring. (Although we recommend the center of the tablet for optimum balance while holding, choose the area that is most comfortable for you.) Peel the paper backing off the supplied attachment ring. Using medium pressure, slowly press the ring (sticky-side down) onto the back of your tablet. Press down all the way around the ring to ensure the adhesive is fully secure.

  3. Rock it. Lock it.

    Visually line up the ring pre-mounted on the Mozee over the newly attached ring on the tablet. Hold the Mozee firmly on the edges of the Mozee with your thumbs and fingers from both hands. Press down with moderate pressure and firmly rock the unit back and forth until it locks in place and you hear two "clicks." Check that the two rings have locked tightly and that the Mozee is completely attached prior to use.

  4. Adjust.

    Open the strap on the integrated Handeholder, and adjust it to fit your hand. You can now use your Mozee and tablet securely.

For an instructional video please visit the Handeholder main support page.

For attachment of the Mozee Sled or Mozee Holster line, it is recommended to still clean the intended final surface with an alcohol pad before securing the dual lock or foam tape materials.

There are several options and styles of Mozee units available, each with specific advantages or disadvantages depending on what the overall goal is and with what type of mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution it will be used. In some cases, in order to ensure that the best Mozee is being used for each individual need, the specialists at Handeholder Products, Inc. need to discuss the end use and make recommendations so that there is always a perfect fit between Mozee, tablet, and POS device.

The Mozee is an ideal tool for incorporating a mobile point-of-sale device (POS) with a tablet. In some cases, a user will have a need to encode room keys, gift cards, etc. for their client. With a requirement to make access to these kinds of items as immediate as possible, the solution was the Mozee+. There is a small bay located behind the holder for the POS device that can hold these cards until needed. To ensure that multiple cards are not accidentally encoded while in the unit, as well, this built-in card holder is shielded to protect the blank stock cards.
The various Mozee lines are all designed in an attractive black material that allows them to be used equally well with both cased and un-cased tablets. It is possible for the Mozee to be painted for volume orders, if desired, and this can be discussed with a specialist at Handeholder Products, Inc. by reaching out to us via our Contact form.
The Mozee, Mozee+, and Mozee Sled were all designed to incorporate the feature if desired. Reach out to a Mozee specialist at Handeholder Products, Inc. if interested using our Contact form.
The Mozee is designed to be used with a mobile payment point-of-sale device that integrates with a paired connection to a capable tablet unit. If you have an item that you think might integrate with one of our Mozee products and would like to discuss it with us, please reach out using our Contact form.
One Mozee solution is not necessarily "better" than another. The Mozee, the Mozee+, the Mozee sled, the Ingenico iCMP Mozee sled,and the Mozee Holster line each have advantages or disadvantages over the others based on what mobile payment point-of-sale (POS) end need is required. Some users prefer the POS device to be front and center in their tablet use, while others wish to have the tablet take center stage with the POS device tucked back out of sight. Personal user or corporation preference, along with the needs of the chosen POS device helps determine the best Mozee solution with advice and guidance from the specialists at Handeholder Products, Inc.
The Handeholder Pen Clip was designed to be used with an un-cased tablet. An effective alternative is to use the HandeholderTM Stylus Holder that works as a part of the Handeholder tablet hand strap.
All Mozee solutions are designed to be used with either un-cased or cased tablets. It is recommended that any cases have a hard and relatively smooth backing that allows a minimum of 90% of the HandeholderTM attachment rings to rest flush on the surface to ensure proper and secure hold. In the case of the sled and holster lines, tablet cases help to provide a more single-unit Mozee feel that many users seem to prefer over using the combos on un-cased tablets.
The Mozee, Mozee+TM, are designed to work with mobile point-of-sale (POS) devices that include the Ingenico Group's iSMP Companion, Verifone's e255, and other similar size commercial payment devices capable of communication with a Bluetooth®-ready tablet. The Sled line accomodates the Ingenico iCMP, iSMP Companion, iSMP4, and Link 2500, the Verifone e255, e355, and e285, and the Miura Systems M010. The Mozee holster line has a version created to precisely fit the Ingenico iSMP4. Additional holder models are in progress for other popular mobile payment devices.